About us

organicceramics specializes in hand crafted, high temperature stoneware pottery for daily use, combining usefulness of table ware and aesthetics of ceramic arts.

we produce small series of highest quality collectibles in unique forms and for dedicated functions. with complete disregard for mass-production we create each handmade item as a piece of art, individually numbered and guaranteed to be a limited edition.

our love for pure aesthetics is enhanced by our mission to re-invent the human culinary spaces through ceramic arts and crafts. hence, our bowls, mugs and jugs aim at enriching and refining our daily experience of eating and drinking.

each piece is created in a slow and intensive hand made process that produces the highest quality of ceramic ware, finished with stoneware glaze and fired at least at 1,200°C (2,192°F) for maximum robustness and longevity. that is why our collectors buy their ceramic ware to last for decades, not seasons.

all our ceramic art works are microwave and dishwasher safe, ovenproof, and 100% lead free.

tea container

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